The Environmental Genome Initiative Generates Superior Long Term Value for Investors

We see opportunities to address some of the most existential challenges of our time: the need for many companies to accurately measure their environmental impacts and to initiate product reformulation, equipment redesign, process modification, waste minimization, or recycling initiatives to lighten their environmental footprints that affect all segments of our population through global warming. Increasingly research is also identifying links between pollution and a number of chronic diseases.

We are experts in the challenges we’ve chosen to confront with decades of experience researching industrial pollution prevention, green energy, pharmaceutical and other life science research, process and sustainable systems engineering, chemical circularity, and life cycle impact and risk modeling.

We aim to work together with people and organizations who share our goals and invite investors, foundations and other funding organizations, government agencies, product manufacturers, industry associations, and environmental justice advocates, to work with us to create a safer, healthier world.

“This large knowledge space is what we’re trying to fill with the Environmental Genome Initiative.”

– Dr. Michael Overcash, founder and executive director of the nonprofit Environmental Genome Initiative

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